Work From Home - A guide for the first timers

Every office goer at some point in their lives hasthought of working from home. Working from home was considered as a special benefit our kind bosses allowed occasionally. While most software companies had the work from home policy long before the COVID-19 crisis, rest of the organisations were not fully ready for it. The current situation is completely different though, the entire country is under lockdown and most of us do not have the option of going to work, until the situation normalises. Lakhs of employees are working from home for the first time in their lives.

work from home guide

Below is a compilation of some great tips for efficient work from home.

  • Start early: Don't be lazy, get up early freshen up and hit the laptop. Remember, while working from home you are your worst enemy, you don't feel the pressure of getting things done, you may end up doing less. It is even better if you look at your to-do list as soon as you get up.
  • Think that you are going to office: Your mind tends to relax while you are at home, you are used to this for years. This needs to change while you are working from home. Try to do all the things you used to do during office going. We suggest, wear your office clothes.
  • Find a space dedicated to work: Get out of the couch or bed or from all those spaces which you are using for leisure. Dedicate a specific place for work. Remind yourself that you are in work.
  • Don't mess around in Social Media: You know what it is, do we need to explain?
  • Do more than usual: Commit yourself to provide more output than usual. In the office, you may have many distractions like unnecessary coffee breaks, chit chat with colleagues etc. You have a focused time at home, make full use of it.
  • Learn to change modes: While working from home, you may face distraction from your wife, kids, neighbours etc. Use this pressure to stay focused. You may choose to ignore your neighbours but give time to your wife and kids. But quickly get back to work mode.
  • Stay connected: While working from home, you may feel disconnected from the business. Messaging tools, video conference tools make it easy to check with your colleagues. So be in touch.
  • Take a break: Do not overload yourself too much, plan your breaks beforehand and get away from the computer. Use this time to eat your food, make personal calls, and check your social media accounts. These breaks will recharge you and make you more productive.
  • Take special precaution for preventing the Corona virus pandemic: Please ensure that you and your family is following the safety tips.
  • work from home guidance

  • Keep yourself physically fit: Do not sit continuously for long hours. Practise some of the basic yoga poses. Add meditation to your daily routine and witness the power of body, mind and soul coming together.
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