From its very inception, the Mahindra Powerol business has sought to offer a total value package to its customers - rather than merely supplying high-quality products. We efficiently take care of the entire power-chain (value-chain) of the customer so that he can conduct his business or any other activity without interruption.

It is Powerol's commitment to ensure that the customer's business is "powered efficiently". Powerol's overall Value Proposition is that it: Offers a fuel efficient & cost-effective end-to-end solution Assumes total ownership for powering customer's business efficiently Relieves the customer of all hassles and enables him to focus on his core business.

Within a short span of time (commenced operations in 2001), the Mahindra Powerol team has rolled out a service network that reaches almost every nook and corner of the country. Driven by Telecom, whose service levels are one of the most demanding in the industry, the service team has trained itself to respond to service calls with the shortest possible response time.

Mahindra Powerol also offers an array of services to its customers which have made the brand a 'Preferred Business Partner' in the industry. To help eliminate, whatever concerns that may bother customers on the power front, Powerol has invested in a range of support services:

After-sales-service Backup:

Our young and well-trained service team of M&M executives and a dedicated network of 160 service points effectively cover the nation-wide customer locations. They are well-trained and always eager to attend to any service need that may arise in the context of customer's operations.

Service Convenience:

By virtue of the wide spread network, we have been able to maintain service centers within a radius of 75 kms in key markets in India. In most of the locations, we are providing 24x7 services at customer sites. This has been acknowledged and appreciated by customers.

Spare Parts Backup:

Keeping in mind the extensive use of our machines, we have ensured that required parts are stocked throughout our dedicated network and can be accessed by customers at a short notice.

Personal care in Transportation, Installation & Commissioning:

We recognize that efficient and trouble-free operation of a product depends, to a large extent, on its careful transportation, installation and commissioning. With this in view, we provide logistical support through Mahindra Transport Solutions Group for moving the product from our factory to the doorstep of our customers. Most of the customers who availed of this service have expressed utmost satisfaction. The trained and experienced service dealers of Powerol ensure that installation & commissioning of the sets are done efficiently across the length and breadth of the country.

Powerol business has amply demonstrated the ability to reach the products to tough and inaccessible terrains. The service team has efficiently installed & commissioned thousands of sites in various locations, including roof-tops.

Retail finance for customers:

Having noticed the absence of organized retail finance facility to customers in its range, Powerol had taken up the responsibility and succeeded in organizing Retail finance for customers. Customers who require retail finance can avail this facility with the help of our authorized dealers.

The spirit of customer care:

Has a business philosophy, Powerol strives to take on itself the hassles that challenge customers in conducting their day-to-day operations successfully.

Powerol has not only partnered with customers who sought our support to enter new and difficult terrains but also has rushed on its own to help out customers in times of disasters and natural calamities like the Tsunami that hit South India in 2004. This true spirit of customer care in rising to the occasion has been endearing customers to Powerol.

We are constantly on the lookout for more areas where we can introduce efficient services that will add substantial value to customers.