Use of clean diesel for your generator

Diesel Generators are robust and very much dependable when maintained properly. Enough has been said about maintenance of a diesel generators.
The maintenance programs primarily suggest timely replacement of Lube oil, Coolant, Filters, Gaskets and other worn out parts. These are important, but
diesel fuel management is also equally important.

clean diesel engine

Diesel does not have an unlimited shelf life. Over time it starts to deteriorate. The older generation of diesel engines could run on pretty much anything. With the advancement in diesel technology the chances of failure due to poor diesel quality increased. Modern diesel engines operate at a much higher injection pressure compared to the older generation engines.
At very high pressure even a microscopic particle will case accelerated wear and tear to the fuel injection components.

If stored under normal conditions, diesel will have 6 to 12 months of useful life. As the fuel gets older it will be contaminated mainly by three reasons,

  • Water condensation
  • Bacterial growth
  • Solid particulates

The diesel fuel naturally attracts water and it is the biggest enemy of diesel. The water particles present in the diesel will cause corrosion of metallic parts of the fuel system. Contaminated diesel can be supplied by the diesel supplier, condensation could be collected from the air inside the storage tank or rainwater can enter the diesel tank through vent holes. The microbes feed on the hydrocarbons of diesel. The water works as a catalyst allowing the microbial growth. It forms a sludge in the diesel. The sludge can get sucked into the engine and choke the Fuel Filters and damage the Injectors. Solid dirt particles can be present in the diesel from poorly sealed air vents or rusty walls of the fuel tank. These particles will block the Fuel Filter and damage the Injectors.

The nozzle openings of the Fuel Injectors are extremely precise. They deliver precisely measured quantity of fuel in a well-defined spray pattern. A smallest dirt particle can pose serious threat to these high precision modern Fuel Injectors. Electronically controlled engines will have more precision engineered fuel system components compared to mechanical engines. Dirt particles in the fuel may cause very costly damage.

There are simple ways to prevent these problems.

  • Always use genuine Fuel Filters prescribed by the engine manufacturer.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule of the filters.
  • Regularly drain water from Water Separator.
  • Buy diesel from reputed suppliers.
  • Always keep the fuel tank full to prevent water condensation from the trapped air.
  • If you are not using the generator for long time, do consider the shelf life of the diesel.
  • Clean the Fuel Tank once a year. Do not allow any rust formation on the tank.

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