Service as a differentiator

‘Service as a Differentiator’ is the core mantra behind the way Mahindra Powerol does business. Powerol has an ecosystem of service culture within the organisation. A culture that drives everyone within the organisation and maintains the highest level of service excellence.

“Delivering Happiness” is the core purpose of everything we do. A purpose which continuously drives our field service engineers to uplift the quality and spirit of service.
They are trained professionals and they hold the emotion of “Seva Bhav” close to their heart. We believe in creating a long lasting relationship with our customers which is based on trust and confidence in our products and services.

Happiness Delivery Preventive Maintenance (HDPM) is a specially designed maintenance program by Powerol. This is a kind of service which ensures 100% uptime between two services. The field service engineers thoroughly inspect 54 checkpoints of the genset. They also educate the customer by explaining the importance of timely filter changes and changing of vital fluids (Coolant & Lube Oil). To know more about Coolants, check our blog: Using tap water in Radiator. With the help of a fully illustrated guide book they will also explain every checkpoint to the customer.
The 54 point service check HDPM is the first of its kind in the industry and it has gained many followers.

Genset customer service

Post Service Feedback (PSF) is a tool used to measure the effectiveness of services. Our representative calls the customer to find out whether he/she was satisfied or not. We take this conversation as an opportunity to serve them better. We value every penny spent by the customer and cross verify the bills raised against the job done.
Only after a customer is 100% satisfied we close the service call.

mahindra powerol customer service

We have digitised most of the areas of interaction with our customers. To know more about it follow our blog: ePowerol- The Intelligent Digital platform for customers. But our representatives are always there to help. This is not because we have low confidence in our digital platforms, this is because we did not want to remove the ‘human touch’ completely.

Mahindra Powerol takes pride in being agile yet disciplined organisation. What do we mean by agile? Other genset companiessell only the standard products they have in their portfolio. But we offer to fulfil any specific requirement of the customer. We are capable of modifying our product design very fast because of our agility and lean production design. These modified designs fulfil every quality benchmark we have set for our standard products.

Today we can proudly say that there are more than 3 Lakh gensets of Mahindra Powerol running in the country. We are the most preferred supplier for India’s largest mobile tower installation company Indus. Systems and processes we follow are nothing but the best in the world. We are a proud winner of the coveted Deming quality award. The Deming Prize is the longest-running and one of the highest awards on TQM in the world. We are the first Powergen Company in India to win this award. We have also won the Economic Times Iconic Brand of India award and Super Brand India award in the year 2018 and 2017 respectively.

We are not just a genset seller, we listen to our customers to find out what they want and then we guide them to realize what they need. We are a complete solution provider.

Now that you have read some examples of how we differentiate our services, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Follow this space for more of our stories to come.

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