What are the Benefits of a Silent Diesel Generator

For medium and small-sized commercial establishments as well as large enterprises, the presence of a consistent and seamless source of backup power supply is vital. In fact, it forms the backbone of the day-to-day operations of these entities, directly impacting employee productivity and as well as the company balance sheet. Diesel generator sets or DG sets have traditionally been the default backup power source, powering all types of business operations. However, these large diesel generators are infamous for announcing their presence from a distance, thanks to the high decibel noise they produce. This is where technological advancements and refinement have enabled the development of silent diesel generators, which are fast gaining favour over traditional diesel generators.

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What is a Silent Diesel Generator? Silent diesel generators are designed to significantly cut down on noise emission levels, while delivering uncompromised robust performance. This is possible because the noise produced by the diesel motor is absorbed by the specially designed, soundproof enclosure of the generator that absorbs sound waves. What you get as a result, is a reliable and uninterrupted backup power supply, minus the noise. Plus much more.

Advantages of a Silent Diesel Generator There are several benefits which silent diesel generator sets offer, which in turn makes them the preferred choice of DG sets for large enterprises, commercial and residential establishments.

Quiet Performance No more workplace disturbance due to loud noisy diesel generators. The silently running diesel generator in the background is not just a much-needed boon to the entire office but to adjoining offices and buildings as well. At other noise-sensitive establishments such as hospitals, hotels, educational institutions and residential complexes, where continuous power supply is critical, silent diesel generators are a must-have. They are also better for the health of our environment because of the significantly reduced noise pollution levels.

Fuel Efficient Another reason for the popularity of silent diesel generator sets is that they can produce more electricity per litre of diesel compared to other generators. This reduces fuel consumption and thereby brings down their running cost, making them highly fuel and cost efficient – and therefore the preferred choice of DG set.

Low on Maintenance Low cost of maintenance is another big advantage you get when you choose a silent diesel generator. This is owing to the fact that silent generators have fewer parts; in particular there is no spark plug. This eliminates the need for regular servicing and maintenance or even part replacement, proving cost effective in the long run, during the lifetime of the generator set.

Sturdy Build There is zero compromise on build quality for silent diesel generators. They are tough, durable and long lasting while requiring least amount of upkeep. Silent generators are highly capable of withstanding long hours of operation, movement from one place to another, and yet deliver frictionless and efficient performance for many years to come. This can be particularly useful for businesses operating in rough locations and extreme weather conditions.

Versatile Usage Silent diesel generators are suitable for customer use across various segments, wherever a dependable and quiet backup power supply is needed. Therefore they are well-suited for powering factories, offices, hospitals, banks and hotels to powering homes, residential complexes, shops and schools.

Wide Range Silent diesel generator sets are available in a wide range of models to suit a variety of customer power requirements. They are available from 5kVA right up to 3500kVA

Mahindra Powerol’s series of diesel generator sets is among the most silent diesel generators currently available in the market, which is also extremely sturdy and portable. The highly efficient 250kVA and 320 kVA models come with a compact design, large fuel tank and offer longer engine life and have a low maintenance cost. What’s more, you also get the backing of Mahindra Powerol’s over 400 countrywide sales and service network. So make sure to choose the silent diesel generator set that you can rely on, worry-free.

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