Lessons by a tiny Virus

A pandemic hits the globe and forces almost all the nations to complete lockdown. People are getting infected, hospitals are overloaded, schools are shut, factories are closed, stock markets crashing. It is a panic situation everywhere. This tiny little virus COVID 19 has literally brought the entire human civilisation into its knees.
The pandemic brutally breaks our ego and tells us that everything is not in our control.
This is a humbling experience for the human race.

pandemic situation

These are hard times for every nation, but there is a bright side to this as well. The current crisis is uniting the entire humanity in a very strange way. Political differences are forgotten, bilateral issues are ignored, countries are coordinating and helping each other like never before. People are connecting with each other in many amazing ways.
Incidents like Italians singing on their balconies, Indians clapping for their COVID fighters – will be etched in our memories forever.

In the times of self-isolation and social distancing we realise the value of society and the people. Thanks to the internet and the gadgets of communication. We are staying connected.

Our everyday routine is shattered. It is time to re-think and re-evaluate our habits. Our weeks used to be loaded with work and many other activities like going to the theatre, gym, shopping mall, restaurant, bar, birthday party, festival, concert and many more. Suddenly all these are forbidden, and life still goes on.
We are learning to utilise our free time more wisely staying at home with the family. Soon we will realise how many non-essential activities kept us busy for so long.

Companies are also evolving. Work from home has become the new normal, employees are working without much interventions from the superiors. Options for virtual conferencing was present before, but this tiny virus compelled us to use this technology much efficiently. We are forced into an innovation mode. Schools are continuing classes online.
Auto drivers turning into delivery agents. Everyone is trying to innovate, it will be interesting to see if the speed of innovation continues after this crisis is over.

How Mahindra group is contributing to the fight against the COVID19 pandemic

As the country is facing acute shortage of the lifesaving ventilators, our automotive division has developed an affordable indigenous ventilator prototype in less than 48 hours.
Mass production of ventilators will start as soon as necessary approvals are given.

ventilators for pandemic emergency ventilators

Mahindra Logistics is offering free emergency cab service ALYTE in Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. Focusing on senior citizens, disabled and expecting mothers.

emergency Cab

Another team of Mahindra employees procured license for Sanitizers and started production of Mahindra branded Hand Sanitizers.

sanitizer bottle

Mahindra also comes out with a simple design of Face Shield which is being used by medical service providers across India. Currently these Face Shields are being made from 8 plants.

covid Face shield

We have opened our kitchens at 10 locations to feed the poor and migrant workers amid the lockdown.
Mahindra kitchens are supplying more than 50,000 meals, 10,000 rations every week.

Mahindra kitchens

Team Powerol's special COVID 19 service team is working round the clock to make sure all emergency services remain uninterrupted. We are providing continuous power backup to Hospitals, Corona Treatment Wards and Labs by commissioning gensets. Telecom service team working round the clock to keep the sites up and ensure uninterrupted mobile connectivity

emergency generator

emergency generator for office


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