Ever wondered how various industries cope with power outages? What does a shopping mall do when the power goes OFF!! Do they take a break, sit quietly, and wait for the power to restore? NOPE! They are prepared with a backup power system which includes a diesel generator or a gas generator. Almost every industry and commercial establishments maintain their power backup systems.

We are listing down some of the industries (some may surprise you) that use generators and the reasons why they need to keep the power ON.

Hospitality / Tourism:

People travel to holiday destinations, stays at hotels and resorts for leisure activities. These places need to ensure that the comfort of the guests is not compromised in any situation. All the amenities must function 24 x 7.

  • Hotels and Resorts:-
  • ACs, Lights, Heaters, Refrigerator, Security system, Elevators, Communication service, Pumps, Cleaning machines, Payment system etc.

  • Amusement Parks:
  • Rides, Lights, Food courts, Payment system etc.


Shopping complexes, malls, theatres, restaurants cannot afford to have power cuts during operating hours. They also have security reasons. A power cut with no backup generator may cause theft or any untoward incident.

Machines/functions which need power:

  • Malls, Stores, Restaurant:
  • Lights, Security system, Payment system, AC etc.

  • Petrol Pumps:
  • Lights, Pump, Payment system, Security camera etc.

Food Processing: -

The Food Processing industry in India is growing. A lot is yet to be done. Dairy, Poultry, Bakery, Edible Oil, Beverages etc are some of the segments of the industry.

They cannot afford to have a power outage during the food processing operation. They need to maintain machine-controlled hygiene, controlled temperature, and process continuity.

Machines/functions which need power:

• For storing and distributing: Refrigerators, Cold Storages, control systems etc. • Food processing: Temperature control system, humidity control system, grinders, stoves, Food Processing Units, etc.

Power Plants:

Yes, Power Plants! Most power plants have generators installed for worst case scenarios.

Wind Farms keep generator sets on standby in case the wind does not blow.

Solar Power Plants also use a backup generator if the sun does not shine. In fact, most renewable energy facilities keep backup generators in their system.

We have just described a few industries amongst many that use backup generators. You might have been in a theatre or restaurant that had a power cut, but you did not notice it just because the backup generator worked from the background and kept everything running normally.

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