Is your engine consuming more oil than it is supposed to do? There can be several reasons.

Oil Leakage

The crankshaft is usually the culprit on the diesel engine’s exterior. If it is checked and found innocent, proceed inwards. There may be leakage in the seals at the end of the crankshaft. Then move towards the oil pan gasket and lubrication connections. After that take a close look at the crankcase breather, which is very often responsible for leaks.

Oil Consumption into Combustion Area

  • Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil in the combustion chamber. Sometimes wear and tear causes the oil to leak into the combustion chamber.
  • Oil is most likely to leak between worn valve guides and valve stems. It is advisable to check and replace worn out parts like pistons, piston rings and liners.
  • Clogged oil return galleries in the bearings also cause leaks and sometimes faulty installation of compression and intermediate rings are also responsible. Leakages tend to occur past the seal rings in the impeller end of the turbo shaft.
  • Incorrect viscosity can also result in increased oil consumption. It is not advisable to use synthetic oil for a brand-new engine as it is too thin and doesn’t give sufficient time for the gaskets, liners, rings, and bearings to set properly. It is recommended that a standard oil be used for the first 7500 kms, after that it is safe to switch to synthetic oil.

Why does the temperature of the oil increase?

When there is a blockage in the oil galleries in the oil cooler, the temperature will rise - this is by far the most common cause. When the oil cooler malfunctions, oil will not come down to the required temperature.

Sometimes, a pressure-sensitive allows unfiltered, uncooled oil in the system. This happens when a system in the engine requires excessive lubrication.

to sum up...

If your engine is consuming more oil, usually there is no cause for alarm, it need not be a sign of immediate engine trouble. Diesel engines are manufactured to last a long time as long as they are maintained competently - oil is changed regularly, worn parts are replaced. If you do notice a rise in temperature or a leak, it is advisable to shut down the engine and call for expert help.

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