380kVA to 500kVA


Technical Specifications

Engine Parameters Unit 380kVA 500kVA
Engine Model 12V5105GC 12V6905GC
Rated Power - (100%) KW 339 459
Speed rpm 1500 1500
Cooling system Water cool
Aspiration Turbocharged Intercooler
No. of cylinders 12
Displacement litres 25.8 26.6
Governing class A1 with Electronic Governor
SFC gm/KW/hr 210.6 203.7
Starting system 12 V
Alternator Type Brushless, Three Phase, Class H Insulation
Voltage volts 415
Speed / Frequency rpm/hertz 1500/50
Control Panel As per specific requirement / application
Fuel Tank Capacity litres 425
Battery Capacity Ah 180
Width mm 2000
Height mm 2500 (3200 with Silencer)
Engine Weight Kgs 1850 1900


Above specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous technical developments. All the above engine models conform to IS 10000 specifications. Engine governing as per BS 5514. Alternator: Reputed make conforming to respective IS standards.