Technical Specifications

kVA rating/kW rating   KVA 125/100
Voltage    Volts 415
Frequency   Hz 50
Current   Amps 174
Power Factor     0.8
Engine model     S12-III
Rated Output   kW 114.7
No of Cylinders     6
Engine Configuration     Inline
Operating Cycle     4 Stroke
Displacement   Lit 7.12
Bore X Stroke   mm 105X137
Aspiration     TCA
Compression Ratio     16.8
Piston Speed   m/s 6.8
BMEP   bar 12.9
Firing Order     1-5-3-6-4-2
Flywheel housing   SAE SAE-2
Flywheel dimensions   SAE SAE-11.5
Starting System     Electrical
Rated Speed   rpm 1500
Overload capacity   % 10
Lube oil consumption % of fuel consumption   lit/hr 0.014
Lube oil change period   hrs 500
Alternator effeciency @ 75% load   % powerol
DG set noise @ 1m    dB <75 dBA
Overall thermal effeciency of engine   % 42
Overall Dimension   mm 1727X932X1274.4
Engine Dry Weight   kg 598.6
Weight of radiator   Kg 47.5
Governor / Governor Class     A2
Fuel System      
Type     Rotary
Static Injection timing   Degree BTDC 20
Injectors holes Nos X size   mm 5X 0.21
Fuel Oil     High speed Diesel(HSD IS 1460:2005)
Fuel Filter type     Spin-on type with paper element
Filtration Capacity   Micron 5
Fuel transfer line restriction   kPa 30
Maximum lift of fuel transfer pump   m 1.87
Nozzle Injection Pressure   bar 290
Fuel Consumption    
50%   Lit/Hr 14.54
75%   20.38
100%   27.45
Lube Oil system      
Recommended Lube Oil     15W40 API CH4/ CI4
Lube Oil Pump     G-Rotor type
Lube Oil sump Capacity (max)   Lit 18
Lube Oil Sump Capacity (min)   Lit 15
Lube Oil system Capacity   Lit 19.8
Sump angle front up   Deg 15
Sump angle front down   Deg 15
Sump angle side to side   Deg 15
Lube oil pressure at rated load kPa ≥ 343.3
Lube Oil filter type     Full flow: Spin on cartridge type with Paper element
Filtration Capacity   Microns 15
Lube oil Flow rate   LPM 60
Lube oil change period   Hrs 500
Cooling System      
Type of cooling     Water Cooled
Engine coolant flow rate   LPM 140
Coolant pressure   kPa 68.64
Total quantity of coolant   Lit 25
Combustion air inlet flow   m3/min 8.9
Operating temperature of thermostat deg opening at 77-81,max open 94
Minimum coolant temperature allowed deg -10
Maximum engine out coolant temperature deg 105
Heat Rejection Details      
Heat Rejection to coolant   kW 59.73
Heat Rejection to Exhaust   kW 82.39
Heat Rejection to aftercooler (if applicable) kW 12.1
Air Intake Details      
Intake air filter type     Dry type Air cleaner
Max allowable air restriction   kPa 6
Intake manifold pressure   bar 2.5 max
Maximum Intake manifold temperature deg 55
Exhaust System      
Exhaust Silencer type     Residential type
Exhaust noise level at 1m   dB <75
Max Permissible back pressure   kPa 9.99
Max Exhaust temperature   deg 600
Exhaust Gas flow    LPS 0.155
Governor  Data      
Type     Mechanical
Whether adjustable droop provided     Yes
Transient speed increase for sudden decrease in load   % As per IS10002
Transient speed decrease for sudden increase in load   %
Recovery time   sec
Valve Mechanism      
Type     4 valve/cylinder
Valve clearance cold, Intake/Exhaust mm 0.4
Valve timing Inlet open/Inlet close deg 3 deg ATDC/23 deg APDC
Valve timing outlet open/outlet close deg 33 deg BBDC/1 deg ATDC
Other Information      
Max time to start engine from cold, attain rated speed & ready to take load   sec 6
Overload capacity     10%
Emission Details Units  
Parameters CPCB norms Actual
Nox (gm/kW-hr) 9.2 7.54
CO (gm/kW-hr) 3.5 0.49
HC (gm/kW-hr) 1.3 0.18
PM (gm/kW-hr) 0.3 0.076
Smoke (m-1) 0.7 0.07
Average Sound level 1m from canopy ≤ 75 dBA 75
Overall Dimensions of Genset Units  
Length   mm 3750
Width   mm 1300
Height   mm 2425
Height Including Silencer   mm 2425
Fuel Tank Capacity   Lit 250
Dry weight genset   kg 2359
Dry weight gensetkg2359


Above specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous technical developments. All the above engine models conform to IS 10000 specifications. Engine governing as per BS 5514. Alternator: Reputed make conforming to respective IS standards.